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A new day, a new blog

Friday, November 13th, 2009

Yup, Suz needs a haircut. That's how you know it's really her.

Okay, so, this is my new blog! Welcome.

I couldn’t believe it when I discovered that was still available. A real stroke of luck! As the made-up word implies, this blog will be a mishmash of stuff that I find interesting including what I’ve been doing, where I’ve been going and how I’ve been thinking lately. I struggle with depression and interpersonal dramas, but to keep my head above water I celebrate life’s absurdities and try to balance the obligations with a healthy dose of adventure and creative play. I will keep things on the lighter side in these pages.

First things first: I’d like to give a shout-out to my lovely and talented web designer, Tracey Kazimir-Cree at eeep! productions, who patiently and expertly worked with me in spurts for lo, these many months to put this thing together in a classy way. We started with a groovy WordPress template and Tracey really leveraged it into exactly what I was hoping for. Consider this the highest, most enthusiastic recommendation for her work! (Thanks, chica. Looking forward to the day we can celebrate in person with laughs and cocktails.)

Consider bookmarking this site because there’s a lot more coming, including LOTS of art bits I’ve excavated from my studio and wish to pass along to good folks who will actually USE them. Watch for the Flea Market page to offer vintage millinery flowers, kimono scraps, gently used rubber stamps and a ton of other great stuff, just as soon as I have a chance to list them. And the Freebies page will offer some downloadable images, templates, patterns and other useful stuff you may use as you please. I’ll beef up that page quite a bit in the next couple weeks.

And of course, if you came here via, please click on the tab above to learn the latest news and visit my etsy store to purchase any back issues you’re missing.

Okay, my blogging muscles have been properly stretched. Here we go! :)

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